Daisy-Gold Goldens have champion lineage, but are bred as loving family dogs.

Lizbeth Barrows
Certified Breeder

Liz Barrows - Breeder of Daisy-Gold Goldens
Liz Barrows - Breeder of Daisy-Gold Goldens


Covid didn’t bring all bad things, because Covid brought us our biggest joy, Gus. With my husband’s job going remote at the time, we knew it was finally time to get the dog we always wanted. We were referred to Daisy Gold Goldens from a high school friend who has two of Liz’s dogs from previous litters. Her and her pups came HIGHLY recommended. From the application process, to meeting the litter of pups, I knew we were in good hands with someone who adored these animals, making sure they all went to safe, great homes. Gus is the sweetest, most lovable pup and our lives forever changed the day he joined our family. I can’t thank Liz and Daisy Gold Goldens enough for our Gussy!
-Holli and Kris- Gus (purple collar) DOB 3/9/2020

Happy 8th Birthday to all the puppies from Daniel and Bella's Litter from March 10, 2016. Chloe is doing great, is the happiest most chill dog. Everyone who meets her, loves her! We had a family birthday party for her today and my daughter made her her very own dog friendly cake! She LOVES baked goods more than anything! I think she was a baker in her past life!
-Karen Larrow

Happy Birthday to all of Lilly's brothers and sisters! 8 years has flown by, and they've been the best with Lilly!
-Mary Schneider

Tucker was born on 11/15/2018. At four weeks we were able to come and socialize with the puppies. They were all so cute and it was so hard to even think about which one we wanted, but we knew we wanted a male. We were so excited to take him home in January of 2019. Tucker was very easy to train and he took well to the crate right away. Working with Daisy-Gold Goldens was so easy. He was ready to be a pet when he came home to us! He is our baby boy and our Baby Tuck! We love him so much!
-The Salvati Family

HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY to my baby pup! Can’t believe you are already 4! You bring so much happiness to our lives and we couldn’t love you anymore! You are the absolute best pup and our favorite grumpy old man! Happy birthday Charlie Daniels Alexander!

Liz, thank you for our Golden Retriever. We love her!
-The Parrella Family

We had a great experience adopting Annie from you and have enjoyed going to the annual summer dog parties over the years. Annie is the sweetest and most calm dog you could ever ask for.
-Jeff Little

We have adopted twice from Daisy's Goldens and couldn't be happier. Our first Golden (Calle) we had for 10 years and two years ago in December 2020 we brought home our second dog, Casey. We have been thrilled with our dogs and can't say enough about how wonderful Liz is! The dogs are healthy and beautiful. Truly a great addition to our family. Liz gave us great advice as new dog owners and was always available for any questions or concerns. Highly recommend Liz and Daisy's Goldens.
-Mark & Lois Beggan

Here are a few pics of Molly. Feel free to tell people how happy we are with you as a breeder. Everyone I know that has gotten dogs from you think you are wonderful with your puppies.

Here are some pictures of Piper. She was born August 2016 making her around 12 weeks old. She is doing well. She is incredibly sweet and makes friends with everyone she meets. My older dog, Colby, has no patience for her! He is 12-1/2 years old and hates when she jumps all over him. That is life with a puppy! My daughter loves her and thinks she is the cutest dog ever. Piper is very nippy with her, but just has to grow out of the puppy stage. Thanks so much!
-Roberta Fleming

Lilly is doing great! She is the happiest puppy! She loves to cuddle and loves to be loved. She is fantastic and brings so much love and warmth to my family. She is the most perfect dog for us and we love her so so much!! She's our little Lilly Bug
-Mary Schneider

I just want to thank you for helping my family with my surprise Golden for my "Golden Birthday" in January. She is so beautiful and sweet! We named her Bella. It is obvious that she was raised with lots of care love and attention! She is amazing!
-Julie O'Connor

We have been fortunate to have gotten our last 2 Goldens from Daisy Gold Goldens. Quinnah is now almost 10 and Teagan just over a year. Liz does a wonderful job of socializing her puppies and getting them accustomed to a crate before they leave for their new homes. Both of our girls are loves and have added so much joy to our family. Whenever we are out and about, people that we meet will always comment about their calm demeanor and friendly nature. They are comfortable around people both young and old and love to make friends with other dogs. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Liz.
-Amy Kapinos

Copper is 3. Born in Jane 2018. He just saw vet and groomer last week and they both said he’s the perfect golden. I didn’t tell them he can be naughty at times.

Stanley was born on August 12, 2016 to Violet and adopted by Steve and Stefanie. Stanley loves meeting new people and playing with his older cousins Brady and Easton who were born July 10, 2015! Stanley is extremely smart and a huge love! At 3 months Stanley can sit, lie down, shake, and touch on command and learns something new every day. We love our little golden bundle of joy!
-Stefanie Rupp
November 2016

Below is a photo of our beloved golden retriever, Dante, who we got from Daisy Gold Goldens 13 years ago. Sadly, he passed away in June 2016, but we feel so blessed to have had such a long time with him, our wonderful, loyal and loving golden retriever. Because he was such a splendid dog, so healthy until the last week of his life, we returned to Daisy Gold Goldens in September for a new puppy, and we were very lucky to get Caesar, a six month old puppy, who is also a healthy, good-tempered, energetic, fun-loving companion.
-Susan Lawler
November 2016

Here are a few pictures of Finn, now 2!
We are blessed to have such a calm and happy dog. Everyone who meets Finn just adores him! Our trainer couldn't believe what a relaxed puppy he was. We are so glad that Finn came to join our family.
-Tara Corcoran - Bella/Blue May 2014 Litter
October 2016

I wanted to send along a few updated pics of Neely for you. He's still the best! He's the sweetest, friendliest dog I've ever had and everyone instantly loves him.
-Mandi and Mike Clark
October 2016

We have had the best experience with you and Daisy Gold Goldens. Henry - who was born in May 2014 is the perfect addition to our family. He's smart lovable and has the most relaxed yet playful personality. It's our first dog and we couldn't have had a better first pup. He loves our cat Dash - they are the best of pals. You, Liz - have been so great helping us throughout the whole process and Henry loves coming to stay with you. Thank you for being the best breeder around!!
Anu Benedicte Verley - May 2014 Litter
October 2016

Here are some pictures of Piper. She was born August 2016 making her around 12 weeks old. She is doing well. She is incredibly sweet and makes friends with everyone she meets. My older dog, Colby, has no patience for her! He is 12-1/2 years old and hates when she jumps all over him. That is life with a puppy! My daughter loves her and thinks she is the cutest dog ever. Piper is very nippy with her, but just has to grow out of the puppy stage.
Thanks so much!
August 2016

Thought I'd say hi and share some photos of Chloe! We took her on her first hike today. Very easy one. She did great! We were so proud of her, with not eating everything in the woods, she was great with all the people we came upon, and was even great around the food when we had a picnic! We are loving Chloe. She is a wonderful dog, and you did amazing things with her to get her ready for our home! I am so thrilled having her in my life!!
Karen Larrow - March 2016 Litter
August 2016

This is Daisy!! From your liter in October 2013. Sweetest dog. I always gets comments on her amazing disposition - so great around kids, adults and other dogs. Countless times people have asked for the breeder info since they cant believe how sweet she is... I will continue referring back to you.
July 2016

He is healthy and growing perfectly. He loves swimming and being a great family puppy.
Joe & Karen Di Salvo
July 2016

This is Stella (one of Peanut's puppies) she definitely has a personality of her own. She loves being outside, exploring anything and everything she possibly can. She loves swimming and the snow. She also loves a lazy day just like the rest of us - she's definitely made her "spot" on the couch and loves cuddle time. Stella has brought lots of joy to my husband and I and we cannot imagine life without her.
Kristin Stanton - July 2015 Litter
June 2016

Here are a few recent pictures of Einstein playing with his toys and being walked by his big sisters. He is a good boy and loves his three human siblings.
The Chace Family - July 2015 Litter
June 2016

My husband TJ Keen surprised our boys and myself with Sandy (3/10 litter, picked up weekend after mother's day). She is doing great and is a great addition to the family. She is currently whimpering in her sleep! She likes to play with the boys, but she loves to play with her cousin Finn (Liz Karvenon, 3/14 litter). The two of them together are adorable.

She's got more toys than my boys, but her favorite thing to play with is grass and sticks. She also loves ice cubes. We've taught her to sit, lie down, and leave it. She's gotten so big already!
Jennifer Keen
June 2016

Here is Cody. He is 8 months old, born March 10, 2016. He is going well. He went to Sit Means Sit training school. He is so lovable that he thinks he is human. We love him!!
Grace Roch
March 2016 litter

Here are some pictures of my little baby! I love her so much! Coming home to her love and excitement is honestly the best part of my day! She's such a love bug and loves to cuddle! She has the best personality and is so friendly. She's the best dog ever!!
Mary Schneider
March 2016 litter

Here are some photos of our girl, Wilma!! She was born in July of 2015. We love her so much!!
Kristin Martin
July 2015

Hi Liz, Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

-Copper Campo and family 2015

Hi Liz,
You probably don't remember us, the Anderson's of North Attleboro. On January 6th we purchased a female Golden Pup who we named Abby. She was born to a Nov. 2003 litter, I'm sorry but I don't recall the father's or mother's name. Today we had to put Abby to sleep, and this fact is the worst part of this message. We wanted to thank you for bringing Abby to us. She was a great dog and friend, over the years. We are forever grateful and if we can get over the loss, perhaps some day we will visit you for another beautiful dog.

Mike and Annie Anderson (Abby age 11.5 - 2003-2015)

Hi Liz,
A year has passed and we are so happy with Seamus. He has brought so much joy into our lives. I am always stopped by people saying how handsome he is and where we got him! We think he looks exactly like his dad Einstein! We can't thank you enough, he is absolutely handsome and so smart.

Elizabeth and Bill Kearns, Rose, Tim, Maeve & Anthony

Hi Liz
We wanted to reach out and thank you for giving us the most beautiful and loving pup. Skylar is the biggest love and gets daily compliments. She couldn't be more loved in her new home. We look forward to every day with her. I will send pics.

Thank you again Bella and Blue
Erin Goins
September 2014

Here are some recent photos. Bailey has gotten so big already she is weighing in at 34 pounds now. She has completed her puppy kindergarten classes and is doing very well with learning her commands. She is great with other dogs and children also with adults. People tell me how well she behaves for a puppy. I'll keep in touch.

Thanks, Kenny
September 2014

Hello Liz,
Finn is doing really, really well! He is very mellow dog and has done a great job at training! His favorite place by far is the beach! Lots of dogs to play with there and he loves it! Not a big fan of walks yet - a bit apprehensive - but he is getting there. :) Puppy Kindergarten is going well too! We took Finn to NH last weekend and he swam in the lake for the first time and was a natural!

Tara Corcoran
August 2014

Hi Liz
Just thought we'd send a picture of our pup, who we named Holly! All is going well she is a great little pup you can really see all the work you put in with her!

Greg, Maureen and Ally
From Bella's Litter 2014

Hi Liz!
I can't tell you how much we are loving our baby girl. She is the best. We have named her Skylar. I'll send you some pics soon. Hope you are well.

Erin Goins
From Peanuts litter 2014

Good morning Liz,
We are starting puppy class this Wednesday at 6. Bailey is doing great with her crate training we've had a full week with now with no messing of the house and crate. She is a very smart puppy.

July 2014

Hi Liz,
I just want to thank you for helping my family with my surprise Golden for my "Golden Birthday" in January. She is so beautiful and sweet! We named her Bella. It is obvious that she was raised with lots of care love and attention! She is amazing!
Julie O'Connor
January 2014

We bought a puppy from Liz in January of 2014. I wanted to take a moment and share our thoughts about our little boy, Brodie. Brodie is a smart, loving and gentle puppy. He has such a big personality and he brings joy to everyone he meets. He adores his older sister, Addie, who is a two year old golden. We are so happy to have Brodie in our lives. Thank you, Liz. We would highly recommend Daisy Gold Goldens.

Shelly and Scott Gambogi
January 2014

Dear Liz,
Thank you very much for meeting with us on Saturday. It was so helpful to chat in person and so very nice to meet you. We all loved meeting Bella! She has such a beautiful temperament and know that she will have puppies as equally delightful. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions and for showing us the great pictures and videos. We feel very lucky to have found such a knowledgeable and dedicated breeder. We look forward to hearing from you after Bella's ultrasound. Thank you again for opening your home to us. It was a pleasure to meet you, Bella and Holly.

Kind regards,
The Corcoran Family

I adopted Willis Xmas Eve from Liz. She took time from her busy holiday to fulfill our needs and make our Xmas gift to our family awesome. We lost our golden 1 year prior, one week before Xmas, and Willis has brought smiles and happiness back to us! He is a very busy boy but we adore him and he is awesome with kids and the pellet method they used made potty training a breeze! Thanks Liz!

Judith Decosta

Hi Liz!
Chris and I would like to thank you for having us for a visit on Saturday. We were more than impressed. We have had such a struggle trying to find a breeder who we feel comfortable with and we both left your house confident that we have found the right breeder for us! We are so grateful to have found you and we would like to discuss the next step we need to take such as any application processes. We hope that your vet visit went well with Peanut. Please keep us updated.

Lindsey and Chris
December 2013

We adopted our beloved Ruby on August 22, 2012. Our family is so grateful to have found Liz and Daisy Gold-Goldens through our cousins, who have Ruby’s aunt, Callie, as part of their family. Liz is a wonderful breeder who genuinely loves these adorable dogs and goes above and beyond by keeping in touch with the adoptive families after the puppies go to their new homes. Thank you, Liz, for continuing to help bring these gentle and loving goldens into the world!
The Goodales
August 2012

When I met Liz she had four dogs who were so loving, friendly and well behaved. It was a few years before I was looking into a pup for our home. In that time I met a few generations of pups. Liz is a terrific 2nd Mom to these pups from birth until they are ready to go to their forever homes. She begins training right away, she exposes them to a variety of sights and sounds, some sensory exploration. She even hosts puppy play times so the pups get to experience different people. I feel all this extra attention and experiences gives her pups a great temperament and they are great with kids. When the time was right Morgan chose my daughter and then we all fell in love, including our cat and our 1 year old boxer. No one walks by without giving Morgan a second look and usually a second pat and a handshake.

Jess P.

Having always grown up with Golden Retrievers and knowing the kindness and loyalty of the breed, I was looking for a breeder I could trust and feel comfortable with.
When I met Liz & her dogs for the first time, I instantly knew that I had found a responsible, caring & loving breeder! Before I knew it I could visit my puppy (July 2012) and was impressed with the way they were socialized and interacted with people (kids, too!), other dogs and even cats! Liz's puppies learn at an early age to be used to noises (vacuum cleaners, radio etc) so they are well adapted. Liz even built a little maze with items hanging off of it, so they wouldn't be scared of moving things,... too cute! And now she found a way to house train them before they find their new homes!
My now almost 2 year old Einstein is a proud dad of 12 puppies -- with his girlfriend Bella (also one of Liz's females) and maybe even more by the end of this year!
Thank you Liz for everything you do for your pups (birthday parties and all) and their humans! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Sylvia S.

Einstein - 2 Months Old

Einstein - 1 1/2 Years Old

Einstein Puppies

Dear Lizbeth,
Murphy is doing very well. He seems to enjoy being a Cape Cod dog. He has become a very strong swimmer and really enjoys boating. He ever took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard for a day and did great. He is turning into a really wonderful dog. He has a great personality, loves to play with other dogs and is very loving and gentle with the children. His health has been excellent. Training is going well. I also enclosed some pictures so you can see how handsome he is. I can't tell you how many times I have had someone comment on his good looks.

Mary Shearley

Hi Liz
We just wanted to send a quick note to wish you and your family a Happy New Year and let you know how well Calle is doing! She has quickly become part of our family.

She is a wonderful family pet and we have all truly grown to love her.

She is currently enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten and is doing quite well and has all of her basic commands down pat (Sit, paw,lay down and stay) and is eager to learn and to please us.

We again just wanted to hank you and Happy New Year and a special Thank you to Daisy for giving us such a wonderful pet.

- The Beggan Family